The Anthurium Doctor, Doc Block

Introducing Dr. Jeffrey Block of Block Botanical Gardens and Anthuriums by Dr Block. Block Botanical Gardens custodial mission is to sustain subtropical ornamental plant specimens of extraordinarily high horticultural merit that compare favorably among the finest seen in the world. MonsteraX TV's ho...
The Anthurium Doctor, Doc Block

Introducing the Anthurium Holy Grail: sp. nov. "DF"

Dubbing it the current ‘Holy Grail’ is entirely subjective, however it is one of the more elusive Anthurium species in the collecting world today. One that combines unique aesthetics featuring a flaring basal lobed, narrowing leaf structure with pale contrast veining made pronounced by the dark form...
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What Your Favorite Anthurium Says About You!

Anthuriums are more than just beautiful plants, they can also reveal a lot about your personality. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant colors or soft, delicate hues, your choice of Anthurium can offer insights into your style, preferences, and even your mood.
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Variegated Alocasias Are Hot! Here's Our Top 10 List

Who's with me on this? Variegated Alocasias are major it plants right now. For our collective enjoyment, here are our favorite Variegated Alocasias from the collection, and we've got some weirdos to debut to you. Special Bonus Giveaway Easter Egg inside.
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Make Offers on MonsteraX

One of primary goals is to enable sharing plants, and make it as easy as possible. With the market forever changing, we're rolling out our latest feature based off user feedback: Offer button, giving buyers the opportunity to take a plant home within budget and sellers to counter.
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Anthuriums Say About You
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