It Exists! Monstera Burle Marx's Flame Variegata for $17,992

Almost 2 years to the day this plant was officially designated as Monstera 'Burle Marx's Flame' by Aroid Cultivars, we officially have a variegated mutated form to admire. It has since become one of the most popular Monstera for it's dagger like foliage, delivering a bold and unique addition to any ...
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Monstera 'Devil Monster', Thailand's Latest $40,000 Sport

It's been over a year since a Monstera Sport publicly sold for well into 5 digits. This week at the Bangkok International Plant Show, that drought ended. Meet the Monstera deliciosa 'Devil Monster', having sold for 1.4M Baht which converts to $39,000 USD.
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The Legend of Kunzo & the White Monster

Kunzo Nishihata san (san is a sign of respect meaning honorable “Mr.” in Japanese) is the most globally recognized name in the rare plant hobby. He is also responsible for establishing the most prominent variegated cultivar, the Kunzo White Monster. Mr. Nishihata has been featured by highly influent...
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Plant Tips: Stylish & Modular DIY Prop Box for Your Living Room

If you're like me then you always need more space for plants. Seedlings, fresh imports, and rehabs need extra care. A high humidity environment is super important. A regular prop box, typically a clear plastic bin, isn’t adequate in my living space as it lacks the aesthetic element. My needs also re...
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Guide to Differentiating Monstera Large Form vs Small Form

Being a Monstera enthusiast, focused on Monstera Sports & Large Forms, the question always comes up. Is this a large form? This guide will help you determine what is a true Monstera deliciosa large form and the difference with small form.
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