Variegated Philodendron spiritus sancti: the $25,000 Plant

For decades, the Philodendron spiritus sancti has been considered the holy grail of rare plant collecting with a handful of large mother plants selling for as high as $10,000-$20,000 at auction during peak covid spending, and various reports of thefts including from Botanical Gardens. Now enter vari...
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100 Words: Introducing Monstera White Lava

There's always a new Monstera sport. I'm not talking about the various types of mint, aurea, green on green or even the famed Kunzo White Monster. Every once in a while something pops up that no one's heard of or seen before. Talented growers propagate it into existence forming a lineage carrying th...
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Top 10 Rare Plants Available

October 2023 has brought the plant community some of the most incredible varieties to date and on the MonsteraX Marketplace. Those of you who have been with us since day 1 know how high that bar is. It just so happens we currently have available some of the most unique species and spectacular varieg...
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PlantPay⚡️: Fastest way to invoice Facebook Purges, IG lives & more

Introducing PlantPay⚡️, the fastest way to invoice for Private sales, Facebook Purge sales & Instagram Live sales. This also incorporates MonsteraX®'s Plant Optimized Safety, and automatic ship label creation using exclusive discounted shipping.
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Guide to Differentiating Monstera Large Form vs Small Form

Being a Monstera enthusiast, focused on Monstera Sports & Large Forms, the question always comes up. Is this a large form? This guide will help you determine what is a true Monstera deliciosa large form and the difference with small form.
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$25,000 Plant
Monstera White Lava
Unicorn City
Monstera Large form
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