100 Words: Pink Variegated Anthurium Hot Barbie

Every once in a while we see a plant available that stops us in our tracks. Unlike any other, and rightfully worth thousands of dollars in USD. Today that plant is a stunning variegated hybrid named Anthurium 'Hot Barbie'.
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Top 10 Reasons to be at TRVPSS and IAS Tropical Plant Expo!

It’s going to be a party in Miami! Get in by Thursday, there's an amazing schedule in store for the Super Bowl of plants starting with The Rare Variegated Plant Show & Sale sponsored by MonsteraX on Thursday September 19 taking you into the International Aroid Society’s Tropical Plant Expo which beg...
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MonsteraX to Title Sponsor TVRPSS; Gold Sponsor at Tropical Plant Expo

MonsteraX announces it's title sponsorship of the third annual The Rare Variegated Plant Show & Sale, and for the second year in a row, MonsteraX will be the Gold Sponsor at the International Aroid Society's Tropical Plant Expo taking place in September. Together, with one of the marketplace's top s...
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The Legend of Kunzo & the White Monster

Kunzo Nishihata san (san is a sign of respect meaning honorable “Mr.” in Japanese) is the most globally recognized name in the rare plant hobby. He is also responsible for establishing the most prominent variegated cultivar, the Kunzo White Monster. Mr. Nishihata has been featured by highly influent...
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Guide to Differentiating Monstera Large Form vs Small Form

Being a Monstera enthusiast, focused on Monstera Sports & Large Forms, the question always comes up. Is this a large form? This guide will help you determine what is a true Monstera deliciosa large form and the difference with small form.
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Pink Anthurium
Sponsor of TVRPSS & IAS
Kunzo White Monster
Monstera Large form
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