#PlantGala23 at the 46th Annual International Aroid Show & Sale

Strut your stuff on the Red Carpet at the MonsteraX & SaladBeardFarms PlantGala 2023 hosted by the 46th Annual International Aroid Society Show and Sale.
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Guide to Differentiating Monstera Large Form vs Small Form

Being a Monstera enthusiast, focused on Monstera Sports & Large Forms, the question always comes up. Is this a large form? This guide will help you determine what is a true Monstera deliciosa large form and the difference with small form.
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PlantPay⚡️: Fastest way to invoice Facebook Purges, IG lives & more

Introducing PlantPay⚡️, the fastest way to invoice for Private sales, Facebook Purge sales & Instagram Live sales. This also incorporates MonsteraX®'s Plant Optimized Safety, and automatic ship label creation using exclusive discounted shipping.
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The Anthurium Doctor, Doc Block

Introducing Dr. Jeffrey Block of Block Botanical Gardens and Anthuriums by Dr Block. Block Botanical Gardens custodial mission is to sustain subtropical ornamental plant specimens of extraordinarily high horticultural merit that compare favorably among the finest seen in the world. MonsteraX TV's ho...
The Anthurium Doctor, Doc Block

Variegated Alocasias Are Hot! Here's Our Top 10 List

Who's with me on this? Variegated Alocasias are major it plants right now. For our collective enjoyment, here are our favorite Variegated Alocasias from the collection, and we've got some weirdos to debut to you. Special Bonus Giveaway Easter Egg inside.
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#PlantGala23 at IAS
Monstera Large form vs Small form
Anthurium Doc Block
Top 10 Alocasia
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