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Offer for a MonsteraX subscription; cancel at anytime. International Subscription is subject to local laws requiring legal ability to import and export to the United States and target territories. Subject to MonsteraX Terms & Conditions. Your subscription will continue until you cancel. Cancellation takes effect at the end of your current billing period. Taxes may apply. Offer terms are subject to change.
*Flat Rate 1-day UPS Shipping is subject to package cubic square inches below 864 & 15 pounds. If package exceeds this size and weight, MonsteraX exclusive low UPS rate shipping options will be provided. Excludes Hawaii & Alaska, both will be eligible for lowest exclusive 2-day shipping rate.
**Instant payout requires a minimum of 10 reviews and an average 4.0 or higher rating. MonsteraX has full discretion over who may qualify.
***International Sellers will be required to list inclusive of Phytosanitary Certificate inspection fee, and international flat shipping fee. All plants must be shipped legally, subject to local laws for place of origin and delivery. Seller & buyer are fully responsible on agreeing to terms. Sellers are responsible for ensuring safest delivery.