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Anthurium red crystallinum x papillilaminum 🌱

  • GenusAnthurium
  • Trade nameanthurium red crystallinum x papillilaminum
  • HybridYes
  • Seed Parentanthurium red crystallinum
  • Pollen Parentpapillilaminum
  • VariegationNo
  • Imported (90 days)No
  • Plant TypeSeeds
  • RootedNo
Seattle, WA

About this Anthurium red crystallinum x papillilaminum 🌱

Seeds sold will be sprouted seeds from my anthurium red crystallinum which has been a remarkable grower. Was a seed in 2021​/​06 and gave me these seeds 2022​/​07. Seeds were collected in from 2022​/​07​/​03 until the inflo was ripened. As with all my…

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