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Anthurium dorayaki x luxurians 🌱

  • GenusAnthurium
  • Trade nameAnthurium dorayaki x luxurians
  • HybridYes
  • Seed Parentdorayaki
  • Pollen Parentluxurians
  • VariegationNo
  • Imported (90 days)No
  • Plant TypeSeedling
  • RootedYes Terrestrial Roots
DeLand, FL

About this Anthurium dorayaki x luxurians 🌱

Hello! I am offering ONE-LEAF SEEDLINGS of Anthurium dorayaki (seed parent) crossed with luxurians (pollen parent). I collected and planted seeds in early December 2022​,​ and now they are one-leaf seedlings at this moment. Picture 1 and 2 are the…

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