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Alocasia gageana albo 🌱

  • GenusAlocasia
  • Speciesgageana albo
  • Trade nameAlocasia gageana albo
  • VariegationYes
  • Imported (90 days)No
  • Plant TypePlant
  • RootedYes Terrestrial Roots
  • Shipping toWorldwide
  • LocationGaithersburg, MD
Gaithersburg, MD

About this Alocasia gageana albo 🌱

THE EXACT PLANT IN THE PHOTO WILL BE SHIPPED & SHIPS FROM MARYLAND​,​ US (20886): Alocasia gageana variegata is a popular and sought-after variegated species of elephant ear. It has glossy leaves that are marbled with light green and white tones. The…

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