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Monstera deliciosa large form ‘mint’ 🌱

  • GenusMonstera
  • Speciesdeliciosa large form ‘mint’
  • Trade nameMonstera deliciosa large form ‘mint’
  • HybridNo
  • VariegationYes
  • Imported (90 days)No
  • Plant TypePlant
  • RootedYes Terrestrial Roots
Long Beach, CA

About this Monstera deliciosa large form ‘mint’ 🌱

Monstera deliciosa LF mint with two growth points. 1st growth point has 3 nice variegated leaves that measure from 2.5” to 4.5” in length. The 2nd growth point has one 4” leaf. It measures 13” tall with the pot. It’s nicely rooted and actively…

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