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Monstera Deliciosa large form mint 🌱

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  • GenusMonstera
  • SpeciesDeliciosa large form mint
  • Trade nameDeliciosa large form mint
  • VariegationYes
  • Imported (90 days)No
  • Plant TypePlant
  • RootedYes Terrestrial Roots
  • Shipping toWorldwide
  • LocationLong Beach, CA
Long Beach, CA

About this Monstera Deliciosa large form mint 🌱

PLEASE READ TERMS 1 leaf monstera large form mint (NOT TC) with beautiful and unique variegation. Measures 10 inches tall with the pot and the leaf is 5.5 inches in length. Plant will be shipped in its current 5 inchpot and medium. TERMS: Delivery…

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